Thursday, January 17

The Daily Photo

So this is the first post of what I hope to be a daily installment here on my ever expanding unfocused blog. I'm starting to wonder if my blog is a reflection of my life(ever expanding and unfocused) but I won't go into that at all. I've always admired people who have the commitment and are able to sustain long term projects and after seeing that a friend of mine started doing a daily photo project I decided to do one too. So I'll take a photo a day and post it here. It'll be like a journal of the things I've seen, saw and experienced. Some of the photos may suck but lets hope that those are few and far between. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it and to be honest I'll be surprised if I do. Generally I'm one of those people who have lots of ideas but just never follow thru on them or say I'll start it tomorrow and tomorrow never really comes. I wonder if I'm just setting myself up for failure by saying "I'll be surprised if I do stick with it". I guess only time will tell.

I've also decided to start a video journal that will be much like the photo project but instead of photos, yup you guessed it I'll be using short snippets of video that I'll take daily. I got inspired to do this when I saw this video: Live Definition (my digital year). Although I won't be posting the video snippets daily, instead I'm going to wait till the end of the year before I assemble them all together, or maybe I'll do a monthly installment. Wow for someone who doesn't really follow thru on his ideas, I've taken two long term projects on and with my last year of graduate school upon me lets hope that I have enough time to stick with them. Wish me luck.

And without further ado here are the first two photos of The Daily Photo.

Bird House
Bird House, January 16th

Standing Guard
Standing Guard, January 17th

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Meany said...

Cool, I'm glad your doing this! Your too talented not to and I'm sure you will stick with it. It will soon become a habit and part of your daily life, kinda like brushing your teeth.

msquared said...

Wait a second your telling me I'm supposed to be brushing my teeth daily?

Meany said...

ha ha