Sunday, January 21

(2006, Mike Judge)

How would you feel if you were the smartest person on Earth? Well that's exactly what Private Joe Bowers(Luke Wilson) finds out. Private Bowers is an average "Average American" and is selected by the Army to be a test subject in a super secret hibernation program. Well things go wrong of course and Private Bowers is awoken until 500 years latter in the future. He discovers a world so dumbed down from popular media that he's the smartest person alive.

This movie is brought to you from the mind that gave us Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill and the cult classic Office Space, Yes I'm talking about Mike Judge. Through this movie Mr. Judge not only comments on our present day society but gives us a hilarious and chilling view of where our society could be headed. Lets hope it never gets there and in order to make sure it never gets there go read a book after your done watching this movie.

Idiocracy @ imdb
Idocracy movie trailer

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