Thursday, January 4

The Last Kiss
(2006, Tony Goldwyn)

So the Last Kiss is about a bunch of guys who are all on the verge of turning 30 and are each going thru a pre-mid life crisis of some sort. The movie's main focus is on Michael, played by Zach Braff, of Scrubs and Garden State fame. He's about to turn 30, has a long time steady girlfriend, Jenna who is pregnant, played by the wonderful Jacinda Barrett). When she states that maybe they should start to look to buy a house he just simply freaks out and believes that his life is about to end.

So to add some excitement to his life he ends up flirting with Kim a younger hot girl played by Rachel Bilson, you might know of her as Summer on The OC. Well to make a long story short his idiocy might end in him losing what he really wants ultimately, which is his girlfriend Jenna. This movie is really about guys not wanting to grow up and become adults and not dealing with responsibilities. I'm sure something alot of guys out there can relate to.

The film also stars Casey Affleck, you know Ben Afflecks much more talented younger brother. He play's one of Zach Braff's friends and is dealing with his own problems in the movie, namely a failed marriage that he thought the birth of his son would fix.

At first I thought this movie was going to be a lame Garden State rip off but I ended up liking this movie alot more than I thought I would and it had nothing to do with Rachel Bilson being naked in it. Oh did I forget to mention that oh my bad.

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On a side note, I just heard that this is the last season of The OC.

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