Monday, January 1

Shooting Sheep

Just how quick do you think you are? Well find out with this great little time waster of a game, where you shoot sheep with a tranquilizer gun. Yes you heard that right, but let me say it again, you shoot sheep with a tranquilizer gun. What could be more fun than that(thats a rhetorical question). The objective of the game is to click the tranquilizer button whenever you see a sheep make a dash for freedom. You have to stop five sheep and than your reaction times are calculated. I'm always amazed at how such a simple thing can be so much fun. Be warned, this can be highly addicting, since you'll constantly be trying to improve your reaction times.

Here's a tip to increase your reaction time: drink lots of coffee.

Sheep Dash


Johnny Strike said...

0.161 per sheep on my 3rd attempt.

Anyone beat that?

msquared said...

your reaction tiime is alot faster than mine.