Saturday, January 20

(2005, Lee Daniels)

Helen Mirren is one hot and sexy lady! That fact was cemented in my mind when I saw her in that great dress on the Golden Globes the other night. She had won an award for portraying the Queen in a mini-series.

I didn't really know too much about Helen Mirren and she really wasn't on my radar, that is until I saw Shadowboxer. In which Cuba Gooding Jr and her played a pair of assassins. Helen's character, Rose is diagnosed with terminal cancer. She's beginning to question her profession and on her last job, in which they were paid to kill the pregnant wife of a crime lord, she decides not to go thru with it. Instead they take the the pregnant wife into their care, played by Vanessa Ferlito. She haves the baby and they all move out to the country, where Rose looks after the baby and her mother while Cuba's character, Mikey still takes on jobs assassinating people. Well, to make a long story short, the crime lord, played by and always over the top Stephen Dorff finds out that his wife and son are still alive and goes looking after them. If you want to know the rest you will just have to go watch the movie.

Helen Mirren makes this unbelievable character real. Her presence on the screen is just filled with this sexual energy. Let me just say Cuba was one lucky guy to star opposite her and be involved in a couple sex scenes with her. Although Helen never gets naked in this film, Cuba has a fine time showing off his bare naked ass in this movie. Let me tell you something, Ladies you will be drooling over Cuba's body and guys all you'll be thinking about is that you need to go to the gym some more.

All this aside this film is flawed, but it's still worth a watch. It's not too long and their are some beautifully filmed scenes in it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has has a great part in the movie as a Doctor. Macy Gray also has a role, although I'm not sure how much acting she actually did for the part.

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