Thursday, January 11

Just another Apple iPhone Blog

So just like about every other blogger out there I'm blogging about Apples iPhone. If you haven't heard about it yet, where have you been. I just sat thru Steve Job's Apple Keynote Speech well more specifically they iPhone introduction. You should really check this out, I'm not sure how something can be a total waste of time and yet not be a total waste of time, but the Apple Keynote Speech is just that. After you watch the iPhone Introduction you'll be drooling over the iPhone. This is just bring the world of Star Trek closer and closer to us. All we need know are Warp Drives and Teleporters.

Although I'm lusting over this product I sadly will have to say that I wont be buying one. Mostly because of the price. You get a 4-gigs device for $499. Yeah Yeah I know what your saying you get a phone an iPod and a Web browser for that price. Well I say to that, the price is still to steep for me. Plus I like to carry my cell phone in my pocket and even though the iPhone is small and thin it's still a bit on the big side for me, plus I need a heck of a lot more than 4-gigs. I not only use my iPod for my music but also as portable hard-drive. So maybe in due time I'll get one, but I won't be jumping on the band wagon as soon as it comes out. Although if someone wants to buy me one I certainly won't complain.

Have any comments or something you'd like to say about Apple iPhone than just leave a comment.

For an added incentive to sit thru the iPhone Introduction there is a live performance by John Mayer at the end.

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awesomelyplain said...

i agree.. way awesome product, as it was unveiled.. but too big (cant use it w one hand); 4gb? not expandable w flash memory cards, either :-(

also, must use Cingular only, as the carrier, and no word on the price for the plans.. you can figure that for the broadband connectivity plan (to use the browser,etc), another $100 or more/month, on top of the normal monthly;, plus, as unveiled, you CANT connect to & download from iTunes - so not very useful that way - need to sync w your iTunes on the computer.. :-(

im gonna wait to see if when they unveil Leopard this spring, if they will also announce just an iPod, w the widescreen/touchscreen (minus the phone & browser stuff..). i've been happy w my ipod mini (6gb) for several yrs, but havent found the current video ipods worth the investment.. but if they go to widescreen/touchscreen, and keep the price reasonable, i might go for it.. but no plans on doing the iPhone..

ps.. rumor has it that Apple will announce on Valentine's Day, the availability of The Beatles' catalog on iTunes! i'd guess it will be the byline: "All you need is love"... if that isnt their Valentines Day/Beatles pitch, it should be!

luvd the blog.. thanx for posting, and for visiting my blog!